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Translational Studies of Head and Neck Cancer in South America and Europe (HEADSpAcE) is an international consortium of scientists involved in research on head and neck cancer, comprising cancers of the oral cavity, oropharynx, pharynx, and larynx. Although HEADSpAcE was originally organized among principal investigators of epidemiological case–control studies of head and neck cancer, membership in the consortium is now open to external investigators with current studies in epidemiological research on head and neck cancer. The eligibility criteria for HEADSpAcE membership are described below. HEADSpAcE members are epidemiologists and clinicians involved in head and neck cancer studies and scientists with expertise in various domains relevant to head and neck research. Members are expected to contribute to the consortium their expertise, ideas, and resources, including results, raw data, and biological samples. New members are also expected to have their own funding, because funding cannot be provided through HEADSpAcE.

Eligibility criteria

Studies are eligible for inclusion in HEADSpAcE if they have the potential to contribute to research on causes, mechanisms, and prevention of head and neck cancer within the framework of collaborative projects carried out in the consortium. Studies should be methodologically sound and contribute good-quality data and biological samples. Studies considered for inclusion are mainly molecular and genetic epidemiological studies (typically of case–control or cohort design, including both information on exposure to risk factors from questionnaires or similar sources and biological samples). However, well-conducted clinical series from understudied populations and large-scale case series and epidemiological studies without biological samples will also be considered for inclusion.

Advantages of joining

  • New members will benefit from analyses done within the consortium and can use data generated from their samples to run local analyses.
  • Members have access to HEADSpAcE study documents and standard operating procedures available in the password-protected Members’ Area of the HEADSpAcE website.
  • Ownership of samples remains with the original provider.
  • Participating centres are acknowledged in publications (authorship rules are being developed).

Decision on inclusion

The decision on inclusion of studies in HEADSpAcE is taken by the General Assembly, preferably by consensus. The following aspects are considered:

  • information on exposure to risk factors and potential confounders;
  • type, amount, and quality of biological samples available for further analyses (blood, tumour tissue, non-tumour head and neck tissue, other);
  • information on clinical aspects (e.g. treatment) and outcome;
  • sample size (number of cases); and
  • uniqueness of the study population (e.g. in terms of exposure or genetic background).

The membership process has two stages:
  1. A decision on inclusion is taken by the HEADSpAcE General Assembly.
  2. Membership becomes fully effective upon inclusion in the European Union (EU) grant agreement and acceptance by the EU.

How to apply

Download the Applicant Guide below for more information on how to join the HEADSpAcE consortium. Then complete the Application Form below and request HEADSpAcE contact email using HEADSpAcE contact page. Also, we would love to know how you heard about us!
Application Forms will be submitted to the HEADSpAcE General Assembly for consideration.

For further queries related to membership, please contact us from HEADSpAcE contact page. Your message will be processed by:
     Ms Laurene Bouvard, admin coordinator
     Dr Shama Virani, scientist and leader of WorkPackage 1
     Dr Paul Brennan, scientific coordinator of HEADSpAcE consortium
                Genetic Epidemiology Group
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